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Share files securely online with clients

What is clientFILESHARER?

clientFILESHARER is our separate standalone online secure document management centre that allows you to share files online with clients and colleagues.

Please note clientFILESHARER is not part of your website. It is a standalone web application requiring a separate login for clients.

Both you and clients can upload files into your secure area to share with each other for viewing and downloading. Use it either for permanent storage or to send files for download.

It's simple to use for both the practice and clients.

Why Use clientFILESHARER?

  • No Reliance on Email. No relying on email to send large files. Sending large files by Email can be slow, frustrating and often they can't get through so you're forced to post a CD instead. Just upload them for your clients and they will have immediate access to download them.
  • Clients Can't Lose their Copy of Accounts. If your client loses the hardcopy of their accounts or tax return it's not a problem. They just download another copy from their secure area. You no longer have to spend time providing copies.
  • Security. It's more secure than email for sending sensitive information. clientFILESHARER comes with an SSL Certificate providing 128bit encryption. Only relevant users with the relevant privileges will be able to access files.
  • Get Large Files from Clients Instantly. Need a back up of your clients Sage accounts. Just get them to upload it and you've got it instantly.
  • Practice Documents Online. For all staff members to access online, without having to be in the office.
  • Public Documents Online. For all of your clients to be able to access in a similar way.
  • Personal Documents Online. Perhaps to access when you're away on holiday.
  • Online Filing Cabinet of Client Documents. For access when meeting with clients anywhere.
  • Remote Client Access. Clients have access to their relevant information 24/7 from wherever they are in the world.
  • Reduce Admin Time. By giving basic information to clients - less paper and letters needed.
  • Turn Work Around Faster. By working with clients collaboratively online.
  • Impress Clients. With your state of the art technology!
  • Simple to Use - it works just like the folder system on Windows and is intuitively simple to use for you, your colleagues and your clients.

How it Works and Features of clientFILESHARER

  • Organisation of Documents. The practice and clients can both organize all their documents into different folders and all folders can have unlimited sub folders within them...
    • Administrators Folder - for sensitive practice information. Ideal for documents to be shared between partners only.
    • Firm Folder - for sharing documents between all staff members. Ideal for master documents, firm procedures, etc. Only Administrators are able to upload and edit the documents.
    • Public Folder - for documents to be available to all staff members and clients, with only the Administrators able to upload and edit the documents.
    • Client Folders - all clients have their own individual folder with relevant staff members having access to upload, edit and download. Clients can also upload into their folder.
    • My Documents - all staff members have their own private "My Documents" folder for their own files - working papers, reference documents, etc.
  • Unlimited Users. There's no restriction on the number of clients or staff members who can have their own account set up.
  • User Privileges. Different user levels of "administrators", "practice staff" and "clients", allowing them to only access certain areas of clientFILESHARER and view/edit the files/folders that belongs to them.
  • Practice Branded. You have you own logo and name added to your own secure area.
  • Uploading. You can upload up to 5 files at once.
  • Add Descriptions. You can add descriptions to all files so clients know what they are.
  • Edit and Delete. You can rename and delete files as needed.
  • Automatic File Deletion Option. After a set number of days for files you only want to make temporarily available for download, without taking up storage space.
  • Automated Emails. They let you and clients know when files have been uploaded and downloaded, deleted, etc. There is an option to turn this off as required.
  • Client Invisible Files Option. You can upload files for a client into their folder but they remain invisible to your client. Useful for timesheets, working papers, etc.
  • See Your Clients Only. Clients can be allocated to specific staff members so that when a staff member logs in, they only see the client folders that are relevant to them.
  • Full Administration Rights. You are given full administration rights over your system to set up clients, users, etc and everything is fully automated.
  • Client and Staff Views. There are different views on login for clients and staff appropriate to their privileges.
  • All File Types. Word, excel, scanned documents, zip files, video, music, whatever - it doesn't matter. clientFILESHARER deals and recognises all file types.
  • Storage Space. You get 150mb of storage space included but if you need more we can provide as much as you need at very low prices.
  • And much more. There are many other little features that just make clientFILESHARER a great product to use within any practice of any size.

Please note clientFILESHARER is not part of your website. It is a standalone web application requiring a separate login for clients.

View Screenshots

For screenshots of different access views, please click the links below...

Please contact us if you would like to access a working demo version of clientFILESHARER.

The Price

FREE with bespoke websites

clientFILESHARER is FREE to all practices that order our bespoke website package, and there is NO set up fee.